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Credit Counselors in Tampa, Florida

Too many bills can add up to credit disaster. Avoid financial ruin with assistance from Credit Care Counseling Services Inc.   We are credit counselors who work with you on mortgage modifications, defaulted accounts, student loans, judgments and foreclosures, and medical bills. Prevent permanent damage to your credit with help from our credit counselors in Tampa, Florida.
We stop calls immediately.  We stop harrassment immediately.

Are You in Debt Trouble?
If you answer yes to 3 or more of these questions, contact us for a free financial consultation.

• Are you paying late fees?
• Is life without credit cards unthinkable?
• Is your current income barely making ends meet?
• Have you reached the limit on your credit cards?
• Do you borrow for items you once bought with cash?
• Are you experiencing problems in relationships over debt?
• Do you pay only the minimum on your credit cards each month?
• Do you check to see if you have your credit cards before leaving for the mall?
• Have you taken money from your savings account to pay your credit card bills?
• Do you juggle other bills to keep up the minimum monthly payments on credit cards?

Contact Us Today:

We Proudly Offer:

• Free Evaluation
• Debt Management Program
• Defaulted Accounts
• Credit & Budget Counseling
• Mortgage Modification &
Credit Approval

No-Cost Credit Help
Since 1992, Credit Care Counseling Services Inc. has been a not-for-profit, bank-sponsored program, helping individuals pay off their debts. We offer personalized service because we understand that every client has a unique situation. Our staff has more than 70 years of combined credit and debt counseling experience, and we are prepared to put our knowledge to work for you. Qualifying for our program is easy because we greatly reduce interest rates and stop all late fees, over-limit charges, and annual fees.

Special Savings, Credit Counselors in Tampa, FL

Contact us in Tampa, Florida, for more information about getting help with your debt.

Doing Business Since 1992

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310 South Dale Mabry, Ste. 240
Tampa, Florida 33609
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